Streamline Your Jira Data in Excel: Analyse Directly in Excel with Add-ins!

learn how to bypass the export process and analyze Jira data directly within Excel.
13 minute
May 6, 2024

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Streamline Your Jira Data in Excel: Analyse Directly in Excel with Add-ins!


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learn how to bypass the export process and analyze Jira data directly within Excel.

13 minute

Date Recorded

May 6, 2024


Niladri Mahapatra



Unlock the Power of Jira Data in Excel: A Comprehensive Video Tutorial


Are you struggling to manage and analyze vast amounts of project data efficiently? Look no further than our comprehensive video tutorial on integrating “Jira Data in Excel”. This tutorial is designed to help professionals streamline their data analysis by leveraging the robust features of Excel to manipulate and visualize Jira data effectively.

Why You Should Watch This Tutorial

Our video tutorial on “Jira Data in Excel” is a must-watch for project managers, data analysts, and any team members who regularly work with Jira for project management. Excel’s powerful data processing capabilities combined with Jira’s rich project tracking functionalities can transform your workflow, providing deeper insights and enhanced decision-making prowess.

What You Will Learn

This tutorial covers everything from basic to advanced techniques for manipulating “Jira Data in Excel”. Key learning points include:

  1. Exporting Data from Jira: Learn how to seamlessly export data from Jira into an Excel format. Understand the different data points that can be exported and how to ensure data integrity during the transfer.
  2. Data Cleaning Techniques: Master the skills needed to clean “Jira Data in Excel”. This section covers filtering, sorting, and removing duplicates to prepare your data for analysis.
  3. Data Analysis Using Excel: Dive deep into the analytical features of Excel. Learn how to use formulas, pivot tables, and graphs to analyze your “Jira Data in Excel” efficiently.
  4. Creating Dynamic Reports: Discover how to create dynamic and visually appealing reports using “Jira Data in Excel”. This module will teach you how to use charts and conditional formatting to make your reports user-friendly.
  5. Automating Tasks: Save time by automating repetitive tasks with Excel macros. This section explains how to set up macros to work with “Jira Data in Excel”, reducing manual effort and enhancing productivity.

Benefits of Integrating Jira Data in Excel

Integrating “Jira Data in Excel” offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Visibility: Excel’s visualization tools allow you to create more informative charts and graphs, providing better visibility into your project’s status and metrics.
  • Improved Accuracy: With “Jira Data in Excel”, you can perform complex calculations and data analysis, leading to more accurate insights and forecasts.
  • Increased Productivity: By automating data analysis tasks in Excel, you reduce the time spent on manual data manipulation, allowing more time for strategic activities.

Who Should Attend

This tutorial is ideal for anyone who uses Jira and wishes to enhance their data analysis capabilities using Excel. It is particularly beneficial for:

  • Project Managers
  • Data Analysts
  • IT Professionals
  • Team Leaders


Embrace the full potential of “Jira Data in Excel” by watching our detailed video tutorial. Transform your data analysis processes and make more data-driven decisions that propel your projects towards success. With the skills you acquire, you’ll be able to harness the combined power of Excel and Jira like never before.

Jira Data in Excel

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