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Enjoy lifetime free access to select premium videos, free books, and podcast audio, along with a 10% discount on all Agile Digest training.


Elite Membership

For $10 per month, gain access to restricted videos and books, monthly group meetings, and up to 40% off on mini workshops, webinars, and Agile Digest training.


Platinum Membership

At $15 per month, unlock access to all restricted and premium content, exclusive group meetings, and up to 50% off on Excel templates, webinars, workshops, and Agile Digest training.


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Stater Membership

Begin Your Agile Journey
Free Lifetime
  • Limited Premium Video
  • Access to Free Books
  • Access to Podcast Audio
  • 10% Discounts of all Agile Digest Training

Elite Membership

Elevate Your Agile Expertise, Elite Access, Elite Growth!
$ 10 Monthly
  • Access to Restricted Videos
  • Access to Restricted Books
  • Access to Podcast Audio
  • 25% Discount on All Excel Template **
  • Monthly 1 Group Meeting Invite
  • Join Free on all our Paid Webinars *
  • Get 40% Off on Mini Workshops **
  • Get 15% off on Any Agile Digest Training **

Platinum Membership

Achieve Agile Mastery, Premium Access, Unmatched Benefits!
$ 15 Monthly
  • Access to Restricted + Premium Videos
  • Access to Restricted + Premium Books
  • Access to Podcast Audio
  • 50% Discount on All Excel Template **
  • Monthly 1 Group Meeting Invite
  • Join Free on all our Paid Webinars *
  • Get 50% Off on Mini Workshops **
  • Get 20% off on Any Agile Digest Training **

How To apply for Members Discounts

As part of our ongoing commitment to enhance your experience at Agile Digest Academy, we offer exclusive discounts to our members. Whether you're looking to attend our insightful events or utilize our comprehensive templates, these benefits are designed to support your continuous learning and application of Agile principles. By meeting simple eligibility criteria, you can easily apply for discounts, making our valuable resources more accessible. This process ensures that our dedicated members receive the recognition and rewards they deserve for their commitment to Agile excellence.

Apply for Event Access Discount

As a valued member of our Academy, enjoy event discounts. Follow these steps to validate your membership and receive your discount:

  1. Check Eligibility: Ensure a minimum of 2 months membership.
  2. Request Discount: Fill out the application form for a coupon code.
  3. Await Verification: Our admin team will validate your membership.
  4. Receive Your Coupon: After validation, you’ll get your discount coupon code.
  5. Book Your Event: Use the coupon code on the purchase link to secure your seat.
  6. Get Ready to Join: Attend the event on the scheduled date.

Steps to Secure Your Template Purchase Discount

For members seeking a discount on template purchases, follow these simple steps:

  1. Confirm Your Eligibility: You should have been a member for at least 2 months.
  2. Request Your Discount: Complete the form to apply for a discount coupon code.
  3. Wait for Approval: Our administration team will review your membership status.
  4. Coupon Code Issued: Once approved, you’ll receive your discount code.
  5. Make Your Purchase: Apply your coupon code on the purchase link.
  6. Download Your Template: After purchasing, download your template instantly.

Terms and Conditions for Members

Welcome to Agile Digest Academy! Please read our terms carefully.

Refund Policy


Any Paid member can Apply for Refund, with in 24 Hours of Subscription, If no Benefits availed.


Steps to Cancel the Subscription:
Please Navigate to the "My Account" section on the right side of your dashboard and access the subscription page. Under the "Actions" heading, kindly choose the membership you wish to terminate(Cancel). Proceed to indicate the reason for cancellation before submitting the request.

Time Frame

If Refund needs to be issued, It will be issued in 5 Business days


If you have availed any membership benefit during your current month membership period, We will not issue a refund. however you can cancel your Membership it will be cancelled before the Next renewal date. and your card will not be charged.

Other Key Terms

Membership Renewal

Memberships are Auto Renewed, In case Auto renewal fails, You will get two days grace period to Renew your membership

Content Usage

Refer Intelectual Content Usage Policy Section


Privacy: Follow Privacy Policy

Contact Information

write to us at [email protected]

Membership Usage Policy


Any Starter or Elite Members can upgrade to next Levels


Go to Subscription page and Choose Upgrade

Adjustment of Fees:

Upgrade Fees will be calculated on Prorate basis

Effect of Upgrade

Immediate benefits and access changes upon upgrading.

Downgrade Option:

Not applicable, you can cancel you subscription. and start a new Subscription.

Intellectual Property Rights

Content Usage Terms

All content provided by Agile Digest Academy, including videos, podcasts, books, templates, and any other materials, is the sole property of Agile Digest. As a member, you are granted access to this content for your personal and professional development.

No Reproduction:

Copying, reproducing, or distributing any content in any form without prior written permission from Agile Digest is strictly prohibited.

No Unauthorized Sharing:

Sharing content with non-members or on public platforms is not allowed.
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