Basic Information

Recording of intensive 8-hour workshop conducted to transform you into a Jira Administration expert.

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to sharpen your skills, this recording is tailored to elevate your Mastering Jira knowledge and application in real-world scenarios.

Comprehensive Understanding

This Jira Training will give you the confidence to Work in Jira in any Agile Role to manage the Agile Life cycle

Who Should Rent this
This is perfect for Scrum masters, project managers, developers, QA testers, and anyone who uses Jira.

What you will get after Rental

What's Included

1. Two Videos of Class Recording
2. One Student Handbook

Topics Covered

Focusing on all aspects of the Jira Software, introduction to Confluence, and Jira Project Administration. Once Enrolled, you will get a Training Invitation and an Invitation to Join our Jira Instance for Practice. It is purely practical training on Jira.

PowerPoint slides will be covered to navigate the topics, Instructor will demonstrate each step and give the opportunity to all participants to replicate the steps on Jira. You will do the exercise in groups so that group members can help each other. Each exercise is time-boxed. after the time box, you will ask questions or repeat the steps if you failed to replicate that.

Here’s what you can expect in JIRA Administrations Workshop:

Jira Project Administration
Understanding Schemes
Issue Administration
Workflow Administration
Screen Administration
Field and Custom Fields
Time Tracking administration
Priority Administration
User Management
Notification Administration
Permission Administration

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