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mvp-mmf-mmr, MBI – Understanding the Jargons and Delving Deeper
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May 2, 2023

In the context of software development and product management, the abbreviations MVP-MMF-MMR stand for:

  1. MVP: Minimum Viable Product
    • A Minimum Viable Product is the most basic version of a product that includes only the core features necessary to meet the needs of early adopters and gather feedback for further development. It is designed to test the product concept and gather user insights.
  2. MMF: Minimum Marketable Feature
    • A Minimum Marketable Feature is a subset of a product’s features that, when implemented and released, can stand alone as a valuable offering for customers. It is the smallest set of features that can be released to the market and generate value.
  3. MMR: Minimum Marketable Release
    • A Minimum Marketable Release is the smallest release of a product that contains a set of Minimum Marketable Features (MMFs) and can be delivered to customers. It represents a stage in product development where a meaningful and marketable version of the product is made available to users.

These concepts of mvp-mmf-mmr are often used in agile and lean product development methodologies to prioritize and deliver product increments efficiently while ensuring that each release provides value to customers.

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